7 Spring Acne Tips from a Recovering Acne Sufferer Turned Esthetician

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The spring season is just on the horizon which means birds chirping, bees buzzing, and warmer weather. But when I think warmer weather…I think sweating. I think sticky clothes and needing to take 2-3 showers a day with this Texas heat depending on the day’s activities because unlike my mother and sister, I am NOT a “glistener.” They “glisten” and I am just a hot, drippy mess. Super cute. I’ve also been the one in the family that had the most acne. I have had it in different areas for different reasons and I want to share some of my tips for those of you out there thinking that summer sweat HAS to mean unsightly and embarrassing breakouts. I want to help you love your skin this season!

Tip #1: Clean your phone, you filthy animal! Think about it. Your sweaty hands are going around touching everything and there you go on your phone swiping left and right, then someone calls, and you are putting that phone on your face. Gross! Most of my friends know that when they call, chances are they are going to be on speaker phone because I hate putting the phone to my face, but I am CONSTANTLY spraying a napkin with alcohol and disinfecting it. After every show or market, my phone gets wiped with alcohol since purchases require a signature on my phone and several people touch my phone in a day. Tip within a tip: You’re only really disinfecting if that alcohol is over 70%, by the way.

Tip #2: Wash those pillowcases! If you have oily skin and aren’t the biggest fan of washing your hair every day or every other day, you might need to give your pillowcases some extra attention. Every time you wash a load, just throw your pillow cases in. It’s that simple. It won’t hurt to have a second set, either. (I just learned about some pillow cases containing silver that are said to be good for acne. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’ll totally give you my review when/if I do!)

Tip #3: Don’t use coconut oil! (Or any other oil rating above a 2 on the comedogenic scale.) I brought this topic up before in my last blog (https://shopintheweeds.com/coconut-oil-why-you- probably-wont-see-me-putting-coconut-oil-in-our-face-products/), that there is a method to my making madness, because I pick my ingredients based on their ratings to clog pores, as well as, their consistency with each other. There is a comedogenic scale that rates oils, butters, and waxes between a 0 and a 5. Almond oil, for example, is a 2 rating, which means it is somewhat likely to clog pores, but coconut oil is a 4 rating out of 5 making it VERY likely to clog pores. It is often used in creams and conditioners, so check those labels! Additionally, if I’m working with a “2 oil,” I will only use one “2 oil.” The other oils will be a one or a zero rating. P.S. That is why our Dollface Face Scrub (https://shopintheweeds.com/product/dollface/, $30) and High5 Cream Serum (https://shopintheweeds.com/product/high5-cream-serum/, $22) work so effectively!)

Tip #4: Stop touching your face! (And wash your hands!) It drives me INSANE when customers come up to me and tell me about their skin issues asking for help and while they are talking to me, it’s like they get this nervous twitch and they can’t keep their hands off their breakouts. Stop it! It goes back to the germs for me. One, you are irritating your already sensitive skin, and two, where have your hands been all day? Did you drive today? When was the last time you cleaned that steering wheel? Doorknobs? Your laptop? Has it been a while? Germs and bacteria are everywhere but let’s try to keep them out of your pores. Make sure to wash your hands, because it’s just plain good for your overall health. Let’s keep it simple, people!

Tip #5: If you’re going to pop, don’t pick! Some people say not to pop pimples at all. I disagree. Sometimes, they are ready, and they are causing painful pressure and they need not be a part of your body anymore. With cotton wrapped finger tips, an extractor tool, or cotton swabs, you can apply pressure to extract a pimple. Where people go wrong is when they massacre that thing. If you don’t get it in two tries, move along and let it be. I don’t care how tempting it is…leave it alone!

Tip #6: Don’t over-wash. I learned this one the hard way! When I played basketball in high school, we had so many practices in a day, and me being the “non-glistener” that I am, I would sometimes be showering three times a day with antibacterial soap. My shoulders and back would breakout so much, I rarely showed my shoulders in high school. I was extremely embarrassed! I thought that if I continued to wash off the oil that it would solve my back-ne problems, but I was making it worse. Every person has their own unique recipe of what their body produces as far as oil. When you strip that oil off it’s like your skin starts thinking, “What happened to all of our oil? Let’s make more!” Oftentimes, individuals will breakout from having an overproduction of oil. You want to keep your skin balanced and replace that oil with other natural, healthy, non-clogging oils. This is why I love our LOL Organic Sugar Body Scrub (https://shopintheweeds.com/product/lol-body-scrub/, $32) because it really leaves a lotion-like layer on your skin made with emollient-rich raw honey and natural oils.

Tip #7: THE CARDINAL RULE: Don’t sleep with your make-up on! I don’t care if it’s your 21 st birthday, you were just released from prison AND it was your first-time drinking alcohol ever…WASH YO FACE! Some people can get away with a splash of water and some dabbing and they are done with their “cleaning routine,” but if you have acne-prone skin, your skin needs to be taken care of! Use make- up removers or wipes that aren’t loaded with alcohol and maintain your ph balance. (I really like the awesome ingredients found in https://hellocider.com/ face wipes!) Also, double check to see if they have artificial fragrances. My skin is SO sensitive to artificial fragrances and I will just break out! Beautiful skin doesn’t need make-up anyways!

I have tried grocery lists of products, but these simple tips are part of a lifestyle to better skin. Clean your hands, clean your face, and clean the things that touch your face or that you touch often. Simple as that. Whether you glisten or sweat, let’s make sure that your skin is fresh and YOU are glowing with confidence!

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