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To some, this blog might be a little late. It’s been 4 years this summer since my mind started churning and the ideas of jarring natural skin care products came to be. In 4 years I have done hundreds of shows, jarred thousands of jars and met so many different people who have confessed and trusted in my research and knowledge. I have accumulated a lot of insights, skills, and experience that I would really like to start sharing with my customers.


If you’ve seen the names of my products, you can see that I like to have a little fun and throw in some puns here and there. Some of my perception of the skin care industry really starts in the basics of my business name, In The Weeds Natural Skin Care. I know everyone out there is thinking, duh, that’s the point of a good business name is to say what you sell, but in this industry, oh you’ll wish it was that straightforward and transparent! But think about it. Natural skin care. Sounds simple, right? There’s a reason why I chose the term all natural and not the overused organic skin care or some other well used advertising word. Just natural. Why? Because that’s what it is. It is all natural. It is simple. It is transparent. There are no ifs, ands, or buts when describing what I do and the products I make. Some of my ingredients don’t have an organic option, and in some uncommon cases, the non-organic option is more highly recommended or has more benefits because of the farming practices used (that’s a whole other blog, though!).

I’ve seen several similar handmade businesses and large corporate businesses that really rally around that term organic or made with organic. The term organic isn’t really regulated in cosmetics, and just because they say it’s made with organic ingredients doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better. Especially when they ruin their product by putting all that other stuff in there! Calling my business, In The Weeds Natural Skin Care means I’m being honest. To You. Because it’s important.


To that end, I’d like to introduce this blog to you. I want to be honest with my customers, and start an open conversation. What better way than to start a blog? I have been asked SO many questions over the years, that I think an open forum is a great way to educate each other. Despite my wholehearted commitment to making superior and rewarding products and to being the face of my business at local markets and trade shows, I realized that something was missing; a deeper connection between my fans and my brand.

On this blog I’ll be sharing a behind the scenes look at my approach to creating my natural skin care products. I’ll be sharing my advice as a licensed esthetician on how you can improve the health and look of your skin in a natural way. I’ll also be giving you a visual look into this business through photos and the occasional video.

This is for my fans and everyone that cares deeply about their skin’s health and vibrancy. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of transparency about what goes into some of the big name products, but that’s not what I’m about. I want you to share in my enthusiasm for solutions that are healthier, holistic, of much higher quality, and ultimately simple and easy to understand.


Because of my sensitive skin, I like trying new ingredients with excellent benefits in the hopes that something might work out for me. This helps me provide solutions for people who have found mainstream products to be inadequate for their sensitivities, allergies, or skin conditions (because I am extremely sensitive and break-out to everything! This makes me a good test bunny, though!). It is so rewarding to meet my customers, because I often get to hear how happy they are with the results they’ve found through my products.

And this is what I LIVE for! Seriously.


I’ll be covering two main topics with this blog: (1) My advice on how to improve the health and vibrancy of your skin – this category will be called Love Your Skin, and (2) a look into how I do what I do, how my products are made, and other behind the scenes features – this category will be called Deep In the Weeds.

I hope you’re excited. I certainly am, and I can’t wait to get started!

I look forward to engaging with you in the comments section of my blog posts. Here’s to your continued good health and the life and vitality that comes with it! Don’t forget to stalk us on social media!

Founder, In The Weeds Natural Skin Care

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