Coconut Oil: Why you probably won’t see me putting coconut oil in our face products….

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Just like clothing and hairstyles go through trends, I can definitely say that I never thought I’d see a single ingredient go through such a moment! Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past half-decade, you’ve probably heard of coconut oil. If you are in the holistic/healthy lifestyle community or just curious about it, you’ve also probably heard people rave about how amazing coconut oil is whether it is raw, unrefined, extra virgin, organic…you name it.

It has an alluring, subtle smell, smooth texture, and you can even use it for cooking! Oh, and let’s not forget its dental whitening perks. Sounds amazing, right? Eh. For me…not so much. Call me the Scrooge of skin care (which I really like to think of as just being “particular”), but being an individual with highly problematic, acne-prone skin…I am NOT the biggest fan of this oil. And I LOVE coconuts! But coconut oil? Nope. No Thanks. Next.

So, what’s my deal? Why am I being so stuffy about this decadent, creamy, ready-to-fool-you oil and why won’t you see me putting coconut oil in our face products?

Because it’s one of the WORST oils you can put on your face or body if you are acne-prone or prone to breakouts and blemishes. But WHHHHYYYY? : insert Nancy Kerrigan meme: Because it’s super fatty, healthy-fats yes, BUT these clog the crap out of your pores!

Ok, time to talk like the professional I am….
All oils are listed on a comedogenic scale. What does that mean? Comedogenic ratings basically tell you how likely an oil (or wax, butter, etc.) is to clog your pores. The scale is rated from levels 0 to 5 with a level 5 being an ingredient that is pretty much like asking for a breakout for most people. SOME people can handle a level 5, because well, you should never say never, but it’s not common. More like unicorn-ish, if you will. So, I know you are dying to know where coconut oil falls? It holds firm at a solid 4! Ouch, right?

I tried coconut oil at the wee beginnings of In the Weeds just like everyone else trying to seek and discover the majestic-ness of this oil, but my complexion almost immediately became big, bumpy, and not so cute. I felt like a teenager again…just not in a good way.

I am quick to tell my customers to not always believe everything you read on the internet (irony at it’s finest), but there are always pros and cons of everything. Coconut oil is no exception. If I put a little dab of coconut oil on my face, I can bet on my fur babies that I WILL have a big, fat juicy pimple in its place the next day. If you are using face products that have coconut oil on the ingredients list and you are still getting blemishes or your blemishes are getting worse, this is probably one of the reasons why.

It’s not ALL bad. Coconut oil is great for mature, dry skin that is NOT prone to breakouts. Watch out for those hormones, though, ladies! It has a lot of natural healing benefits and is used often in salves (we use extra virgin organic coconut oil in ours), but when it comes to the face and face products and it feels like you break out to everything like I do, stay away from the oil of coconut as much as that smell might seduce you and convince you to do bad things!

I have listed some comedogenic scales that I have referred to over the years below. Check them out and learn the logistics of all the incredible oils that our Mother Earth has to offer!

Insert plug-time…
Ok, ok…. don’t judge me for plugging, but I must! If you are still searching far and wide for an amazing, non-pore-clogging face cream, you HAVE to try our high5 Cream Serum. The base is shea and mango butter, plus infused safflower oil. Research our ingredients with our lists below, and you might discover some of the method to our madness!

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