es·sen·tial oil

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es·sen·tial oil


plural noun: essential oils

1. a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.

Looking back over these past four years, I realize that essential oils are pretty much my life. I’m constantly doing research on how to use essential oils properly and the different benefits of each. But that’s what I do… eat, breathe, sleep, and dream essential oils, and because of my exposure to the oils, I haven’t been sick in years! Allergies? Sure. Cramps? Oh ya. But a cold or flu? Not even. It pays off when I run in to people who light up and smile at me when I tell them that we ONLY use essential oils and we bond over this. It’s almost as if we just discovered this secret society of oil lovers!


I was at a meeting the other night which made me want to take a step back and really look at how I have been presenting my products at different markets.  This made me think of that secret society I just mentioned, and that is not what I want for people. I want everyone to know about essential oils and how amazing they are. I want people to know what to look for on labels so that they know they are getting all natural products. As I wrote in my previous blog, I do not use the overused term “organic”:  we are an “all natural” company, and if you have questions about what I am referring to please take a look at my first blog. One of the main things I want to do is to educate people on the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils. FYI fragrance oils are like cuss words around here so please excuse my French!

Hillary Peterson, founder of “True Botanicals,” states the following in an article I found on The Huffington Post:

“In 2010, the President’s Cancer Panel published a report on cancer risks from chemicals. They concluded that the “burden of environmentally induced cancers has been grossly underestimated and benzene, found in synthetic FRAGRANCE, is one of the most cancerous substances.”


The scariest thing about picking up a product and seeing the word “fragrance” on the label is that is that it’s like one of those lies of omission. Fragrances are composed of MANY ingredients…basically a petri dish of chemicals. Fragrances are considered a proprietary blend so they don’t HAVE to tell you what’s in it. Guess what that means? That means known carcinogens and other harmful chemicals can be put in these fragrances and they DON’T have to tell you. Isn’t that messed up? You have no way of knowing what else has been thrown into that fragrance. So ANY TIME you see the word fragrance, if you are in the market for all natural, then put that product back on the shelf, and walk away.

Another word to look for on those labels is “parfum.” This is another way of sneaking in fragrances into many household products such as candles, cleaning products, medications, and even sunscreens!! Products that are supposed to protect you are doing harmful things to your body!

If you see another “natural” or “organic” skin care maker who makes “all natural” products, check that label! Don’t let them lie to you say they can make a buck. Know enough to not get ripped off. If they are using artificial fragrances, they just ruined their product in my eyes, and they just introduced you to chemicals in an “all natural” product.. It’s misleading, it’s NOT all natural, and it’s not okay. Don’t fall for it.

Cucumber melon sounds all natural…but it ain’t!


The way in which these oils are gathered from the plants is an all-natural process. Most of the time they are cold pressed (usually used in citrus) or steam distilled (used often with leaves and flowers). This is the gold I use in my products. Most of the colors you will see in my products come from essential oils.

These oils can be very potent and need to be used correctly. If the person or company selling essential oil products can’t explain how that essential oil was used or diluted, this should be taken as a warning sign that maybe they have just printed it on the label to make their product look good.


Because of all the hype about “organic” and “all natural” these days, it is very easy for amateurs to want to gain from a market that has little regulation. Ask questions. Do they make it from scratch? Do they buy chemical filled bases as a shortcut? So please watch out for those cuss words and fix that potty-mouth! FRAGRANCE, PARFUM– DONT DO IT!!

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