How to Make a Protective Mask

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Though Texas is slowly trying to open, you may be a little more willing to get out….but with precautions.  One of our employees has been on the front lines making masks for the community.  Fast forward a few weeks and one of our beloved customers, Dawn, told us she was trying to make a mask at home with things around her house.  She had everything she needed except for string or elastic.  Then she remembered our little handmade hands on the bows on our jars and then voila, her mask could be made!    Darcey being the superstar that she is, took this idea and not only made a mask recycling elastic bows from our jars, but she showed us how she did it, too!  Please enjoy this tutorial from Darcey so you can make your own safety masks at home!  Stay safe out there guys!  We love y’all!

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