Mission Statement

In The Weeds aims to create products that are high in quality and safe for our consumers. We aim to provide natural skin products with different healing benefits, and provide these products and our packaging in eco-friendly, recyclable/recycled materials. We stand firmly on the disapproval of animal testing.

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Why Choose Us

We believe in pulling from the earth to create nutritious, vitamin and antioxidant rich, vibrant products with a variety of benefits. We use all natural ingredients which include 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and ingredients that have reached the USDA Certified Organic seal of approval. Each ingredient in our skin care products is an active ingredient, and every product contains a healthy dose of Vitamin E. Where can you find a quality product without filler ingredients these days?

We don’t throw around the words “premium” and “quality” loosely, either! Just about anyone can make a bath product in their home. The difference between ours and theirs is that ours are made by a licensed esthetician who specializes in holistic remedies for the skin, and each product we create is made after countless hours of research and experimentation. Additionally, our products do not contain artificial fragrances of dyes, or non-natural preservatives. Even our preservative is eco-certified for all natural products!

We choose local when selecting our ingredients, and we choose USA, when it comes to selecting the companies that we partner with for supplies. We don’t believe in cutting corners, and you deserve better than a cut corner product. We believe in honesty with our customers, integrity in our products, and the deliverance of quality.

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More Words From Our Customers

  • I've spent a lot of money on various different products, and I love, love, love this the best because it works! Just got my jar in Wimberly, and I had waited weeks to exfoliate because I was out! Best. Day. Ever!

-Talashia Jansen-Seargeant

  • So I've always has a issue with acne for as long as I can remember. My wife randomly brought home this charcoal soap bar and I decided to use it on my face. I highly recommend their products and will continue to use and explore their product line.

-Ivan Trevino

  • I really enjoyed pampering myself with Dollface. I loved the way it made my skin feel. And today, someone at work told me, “Your face looks really good today. What did you change?” Compliments on the 1st day! I’ll take them : )

-Jasmine Ibarra Rodriquez

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Hi! My name is Lika Torline, and I’m the founder of In The Weeds Natural Skin Care. Thanks for your interest in our website! Lika Torline

How did this all happen?

I went to college and earned my degree in Interior Design with a minor in Technology. This was a great degree when I left, but by the time I had graduated, the economy went down, and kind of messed that up. I ended up finding a job at a furniture store as an assistant display manager. I ended up getting hurt at my job, and ended up leaving. I was still recovering from my injury, but couldn’t work. Oftentimes, I would get asked to do makeup for special occasions, and I enjoyed it. I told my mom, “Why don’t I just go to school and get certified to be an esthetician? I’m not doing anything else.” So I did.

While I was going to school for esthetics, a school project came up. We were to make an exfoliant. Easy. All you need is sugar and olive oil, but olive oil on my sensitive, problematic, acneic skin? Not gonna happen. So since I couldn’t work, I came home from school and spent hours researching oils, herbs, flowers and fruits. After feeling pleased with my creation, I gave some to family and friends who just thought it was wonderful. I began to get excited and wanted to make it better. I kept adding all natural components with different skin reactions and benefits. I was encouraged (by my peers and esthetics teacher, Ms. Arguelles) to begin selling this product because people were attracted to the fact that it was all natural, handmade, and fresh foods for your face. Though I had NO idea what I was doing, and literally a $150 check from my Tia Ruby, I did. And now I’m here today. That project is now my best seller, Dollface. My first summer in business, I earned an Innovative Entrepreneur Grant from the Chamber of Commerce in my hometown of McAllen, TX. A portion of that grant paid for this website….And now you’re reading it! It’s crazy how things happen.




Skin Care FAQs

Our products are made in one of two kitchens either in McAllen or San Antonio. Because of constant travel, we never know when we might have to whip up a batch! Our products made with infused oils take more time and cannot be made on a whim.