Palo Santo Crystal Smudge Stick


Our Palo Santo Crystal Smudge Sticks are made of 2 palo santo sticks wrapped with string around sage, rose petals and lavender. The smudge sticks are adorned with an obsidian stone wrapped in hand-dyed silk ribbon.
Smudge sticks are 5-6 inches long.

These sticks are used for air purifying and energy cleansing.

Directions: Light the loose end of the stick. Blow out flame and allow stick to smoke. Gently wave the stick over yourself or around your space.  Make sure to blow to corners of the wall and around door frames.

*Do not leave smoking smudge stick unattended.  We also recommend using a small bowl or shell to place the smudge stick on and to also hold while smudging so any ashes may fall within your control.



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