Self Care Series Part 2: Cultivating A Healing Space

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The Importance of a Healing Space

A space of healing is a cultivated space that makes you feel safe, nurtured, and rejuvenated. It is a space in which you experience renewal. Cultivating a space of healing within our homes is essential to our self care and well being, especially during these times when our “new normal” is altered on a day-to-day basis. It is important we are able to find solace and peace in the areas we spend much of our time in regardless of a global pandemic. We owe it to ourselves to create a space where we feel we can safely and intentionally reflect, whether this may look like journaling, yoga, meditation, or clearing one’s surroundings of items that no longer serve them. Surround yourself with things you love!.  

The word “space” is very vague. And sometimes your spaceone’s isn’t your entire home, especially if you share your home with others. This space can be as small as a chair in the corner with your favorite blanket draped over it, a window seat on the second floor, or even a tree swing in your backyard. All that is needed to define a healing space is having the self awareness to recognize that the space offers an ability to connect with yourself.

How to Cultivate a Space of Healing

The spaces we inhabit have a great effect on us. It is important for our emotional, spiritual, mental, and even physical wellbeing to best optimize these spaces so they better serve us. Luckily, there are actions we can take to ensure a healing environment. A key way to cultivate your healing space is to mend it to your needs. How can your physical space change so it supports you? Maybe decorate your space with nostalgic pictures, gifts, and other items that remind you of pleasant times. Welcoming a plant to that space is beneficial for grounding, as we mentioned in our previous blog. Place beautiful stones or seashells in a bowl on an accent table or window sill. Add crystals for extra protection, to invite positive energy, and for help with manifestation. Ultimately, this is your space of healing and it is important that your space reflects that.

Another example we at In The Weeds practice regularly is cleansing our space. Our homes witness, hear, feel, and hold everything that happens within its walls. Cleansing the space means we are preparing it to start fresh and make room for new, clean energy. I like to think of it like filtering water.  A tip from our personal experience is to have an intention as you cleanse the space: what are you cleansing away?  Why are you cleansing? And what will take its place? There are many ways to cleanse a space, but a common method and the method we most often use is smudging with our Crystal Smudge Sticks. Traditionally an Indigenous practice, smudging typically involves burning sage and other herbs to clear negative energy, relieve stress and tension, and clean the air for harmful bacteria. (Look out for a future blog all about smudging to learn more about its importance!)

Another great example of ensuring a healing environment within our homes is the use of essential oils. Essential oils offer many different aromatherapeutic properties and can help to reset your space with the usage of aromatherapy. There are many ways you can incorporate essential oils into your daily life. You can use them in a diffuser or use products made with essential oils, such as our wax melts, salves, and scrubs. Our personal go-tos for a reset are our biodegradable, wood wick soy wax candles. There are several candles to choose from based on your aromatherapy needs as the candles contain special combinations of essential oils. These candles are magical for your healing space because they offer visual stimulation with the flame, hearing arousal with the crackling of the wood wick, and of course, majestic aromatherapeutic benefits with our sense of smell!

One of our favorites is the Eucalyptus & Spearmint candle because this essential oil blend is said to provide stress relief. This particular combination is especially nice to have in your healing space for unwinding and relaxing due to eucalyptus’ sedative-like properties. (Keep an eye out for a blog dedicated to the healing nature of essential oils will be coming in the future as well!)

During these uncertain times, many of us are attempting to find balance, safety, refuge, AND a workspace within one place: our home. It is important we feel secure within this space to not only be productive when we need to be, but to also feel recharged emotionally, spiritually, and mentally to fulfill our needs. Even if you find solace in one small space of your home, this space is meant to offer you care and healing. The outside world may be unbalanced, but that does not mean your space or healing needs to be, too.

Lorena Macias is a San Antonio native who seeks to uncover and tend to the roots of her Yaqui ancestry through the use of herbs, plants, and nature as a whole. When she’s not writing blog pieces or taking pictures for the In The Weeds Instagram, she is rewatching Charmed, cuddling with her familiar (cat), and chilling with her plant allies. Stay tuned for future blogs to read more of her musings and the knowledge she has to offer.

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