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It’s no surprise that businesses are having to “shift” or “pivot” during these uncertain pandemic times and In The Weeds is no exception.  Just like our namesake implies, we are no stranger to getting out of hard situations!  But this time, our goal is to blossom like the weedy dandelion and spread our seed parachutes to our customers while they are in the comfort of their own homes.

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by a handful of competent, eager, and passionate employees that make up what is Team In The Weeds!  Moving forward, we are excited to announce the regularity of weekly live sales on Wednesdays and Saturdays, weekly website blogs, herbal medicine vlogs on our YouTube channel, and more!  This new business model will not only accommodate our customers, but I get to keep my team of badass superstars AND we all get to continue to educate, elevate and inspire the customers who are the pulse of In The Weeds who make this business possible!  You might have seen them at shows, but now it’s time to meet the faces of In The Weeds!  Without further ado, please allow me to introduce my team of wonder women also known as #teamintheweeds! – Lika, The Head Honcho

Hey ya’ll! I am Victoria, some of you have probably seen me at many of the markets. I started working with Lika in August of 2019 which was my first job here in San Antonio after relocating from the Fort Hood area. Being an army brat for all my life, moving was easy, but Lika and the welcoming team of In The Weeds made it even easier! I relocated so that I could attend The University of Texas-San Antonio to get my master’s degree in social work.  I hope to use my degree to work with immigrants and refugees. 

Working at In The Weeds has been a wonderful way for me to incorporate my love for crystals and essential oils. Being able to spread my knowledge and learn more from all the individuals I meet at the markets and Lika has been wonderful and rewarding. I hope to see ya’ll and help with your holistic journey! 

-Victoria, Unapologetic Crystal Moon Baby & Market Maiden

Meet Lorena!  Lorena’s attraction to the rawness, richness, and Indigenous history of herbal medicine and healing with the help of plants led her to study such topics while on the Coast Salish tribal lands known as the Pacific Northwest. While attending The Evergreen State College, she began to uncover her own Yaqui indigeneity. Studying plants felt like she was literally uncovering the roots of her ancestors by providing for the land and giving back to the Earth. She had the greatest privilege of working and being in communion with the Indigenous folks of that land and beyond, hearing and bearing witness to their own and their ancestors’ relationships with plants. This experience had a profound effect on Lorena, as she was given and experienced the tender care and sagacity of herbal medicine and holistic healing.

After graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in a peculiar mix of studies such as feminist political economy, cultural studies, painting, and herbal medicine, this personal relationship to holistic healing followed Lorena when she returned home to San Antonio, Texas. She rediscovered In The Weeds after years of purchasing a soap she loved, and with her knowledge, vigor to learn more, and an extremely long application, she is now offering her communion with plants, the wisdom given to her from Indigenous elders, and her personal experience with holistic healing to share with you all.

-Lorena, Lavender’s Girlfriend & Meadow Frolicker

Hello, Darcey! Darcey Bleu is a local artist and crafter originally from Mississippi . She was drawn to the beautiful Hill Country in 2012 and has since then made it her goal to help our growing small business community around Texas. Darcey specializes in fine wire gem and mineral jewelry design, but also loves to work with various mediums from sewing to painting. Her passion for sustainable and healthy living made her cross paths with the owner of In The Weeds Natural Skin Care, Lika Torline, whereby graduating from a loyal customer to a happy employee!”

-Darcey, The Vibe Checker

Last but certainly not least is Melissa.  Melissa is the first official employee of In The Weeds and is commonly referred to as Lika’s “work wife.” Her attention to detail is insane!  One of our core values is “Be Extra” and it most definitely stemmed from Melissa.  She throws wonderful parties and has a way of making everyone feel special.  She is a wife and mother, and if you stick around long enough, you’ll see that she mothers us at In The Weeds, as well (in the good way, though….like bringing pan dulce and granola bars to work kinda good.).  Melissa will do just about anything for In The Weeds, but not if it includes testing out deodorants!  

-The Extra Glitter in Your Black Coffee & Freak in the Spreadsheets

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